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UCL Anatomy Society is hosting its 2021 Anatomical Art Exhibition, an inspiring and enlightening event that explores the interdisciplinarity of anatomical science & art.

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Following such a bizarre year and drawing inspiration from the era of surrealism, the UCL Anatomical Art Exhibition returns for its third time to present its theme for 2021: Surreal Bodies. A much-loved event in the past and winner of the UCL Student Union’s Best Event Award 2020, we hope to hold the exhibition once again as an in-person event in Term 2. In a year which has been hard to describe, what better way to express yourself than in art! Keep on the look-out for virtual workshops, events and calls to submit artwork in the coming months. We are all very excited to see what you can create! This multimedia art exhibition was themed "Mirrored Anatomies" last year, featuring over 30 student artists and anatomists from universities across London - please visit the page below for examples of previously submitted artworks.

AAE 2021: SURREAL BODIES will delve into the (a)symmetry, inversion or duplication of anatomical forms, the illusory & the beautiful in the body, the reflections of anatomy in design. How do we perceive ourselves when we see our image in a mirror? In what ways does anatomical symmetry or asymmetry manifest itself in development & pathology?

We aim to display the creative work of students and faculty from diverse medical, scientific and artistic backgrounds, to encourage cross-disciplinary perceptions & interpretations. There is a £30 cash prize and certificates will be awarded to all participants. ​

Join us for an exhibition of reflective and illusory splendour on 28.02.2020.

Date: Sunday 28 February 2021

Submit pieces here.  The deadline has been extended to 12th Feb 2021.

Link to buy tickets coming soon!

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